Thursday, 5 July 2007

Home for a short visit

I did manage to get home on Monday but unfortunately I landed back in here last night.

Monday was so exciting. Kerry had told me over the weekend that as far as they could tell from the scans there was no more tumours left and that was just fantastic news. I still have to have radiation treatment but at least we know that the tumours have already gone so the radiation is just to be sure and to get any rogue cells that are remaining. So home I went on Monday. It was just great to be at home with Cam and the kids. My energy levels were pretty low but that was to be expected so I just had to spend a lot of time resting in bed or on the couch. On Tuesday we went with mum, Nat, Jane and her kids and Tiernan, Arielle and I to a play centre. The kids had an absolute ball. Arielle even had a go on the slippery slides and Tiernan was making mum, Nat and I take turns at climbing through the play structure with him and then going down the big slippery slide. I was exhausted by the end but it was worth it. On Wednesday we had a quiet day at home and the boys finished building the sandpit in the backyard. I managed to get a little bit of gardening done (Tiernan and I planted a little herb and vegie garden earlier in the year).

Late yesterday afternoon I started getting pains in my heart and they would not ease so I came in to the Mater Emergency Centre. They did a few tests and it turns out I have fluid on my heart and lungs. I also had a temperature (I had to sheepishly admit to not taking my temp since being home - a big no, no as I am supposed to be taking it several times a day and coming into hospital as soon as I get a temp). So they have stuck me on some IV antibiotics to combat whatever infection is causing the temp and then I have had a heap of tests on my heart to try to work out what is going wrong with it. They call it heart failure but it is not as bad as it sounds it just means that my heart is not doing it's job of pumping fluid out properly and therefore my heart is retaining too much fluid and then the fluid overload has leaked into my lungs. It is not really too painful but more uncomfortable than anything else. My emotional state is probably of more concern as I am so peeved that I am back in hospital - I so do not want to be here. Tomorrow I should be seeing the cardiologist and hopefully then I will find out what is going on and what they plan on doing about it and then hopefully I can get out of here.


Anonymous said...

Dearest Bernadette

Just read your blogg, try not to worry. I know its a bummer, but the hospital have always managed to deal with other issues you have had along the way and your fighting spirit has driven them and enabled all the good things that have happened to you.

I am sure they can sort this out too. Please dont worry too much - you will be out of there soon I am sure
Keep your head up Girl and I know your fighting spirit will triump

Love Aunty Bernadette xxx

Sarah said...

Did I read right?? Tumours have GONE!! Oh my God that is fantastic news!

So sorry to hear you are back in hospital it must be sooo frustrating. I am sure, with your attitude, this will be a short term thing and soon you will be able to get on with doing what you want to do.

The thing is you must LISTEN to the docs!! If they say take your temp you must. Please take more care - it is sheer madness not to...

We are thinking of you here.

Sarah, Peter, Jack and Finley