Saturday, 12 May 2007

Alive and still kicking

Hi this is Natalie Vella, bernadettes little sister in london being her PA (typing what she is telling me to write)..

Bernie (Bernadette to everyone else) is very sorry she has not updated her blogg recently as she has been pretty busy keeping herself alive. Everything is good now and there will be a full update some time soon, but Bernie was worried that people may worry as she had not written for so long. I have had to type this for her as it is currently 5am Saturday morning in Australia and the last time she was asleep was 7am Friday morning. Despite all of that, her day has gone from good to better, peaking at 3am in the morning with a revelation her and her friend Kylie made. At 4am they both took sleeping tablets to try and get to sleep, and Kylie is fast asleep but Bernie is still completely wired and is she is only just starting to get tired and she could not focus enough to type so I have done it for her.

Love to all, and after reading this give extra specials cuddles to the people you care about and one last thing she asks is everyone to say a pray of thanks to Catherine McAuley and God.