Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Just started artificial feeding

Well I have just started TPN which is basically where they feed me a bag through my port a cath over 24 hours that contains all of my nutritional requirements. My gastro tract (GI) has decided to pack it in and therefore I am not absorbing my food - it was one of the side effects of the chemo that they were prepared for so it is not really that bad. The TPN will allow me to not worry about eating and give my GI tract a bit of a break. The good news though is that I am allowed to eat anything I do feel like so it is the best of both worlds. I am hoping that once this TPN kicks in my energy might pick up a little. The tiredness is pretty bad still but if in 6 months I am at home playing with the kids and Cam then it is all worth it.
Yesterday I had a nice day. Cam and Tiernan came and picked me up in the morning and I spent the morning resting at home (yes resting - I actually sat on the couch and even spent some time sleeping in bed). It was an effort to get out but it really picked up my spirits. Jane and Lucy visited in the afternoon and they brought me back to the hospital. I had a blood transfusion last night and actually fell asleep at 7.15pm. I then slept until about 1am but had a fitful sleep the rest of the evening. I felt pretty miserable this morning and did nothing but rest but that is what I am here to do! Mum came in and visited with some of her special home made chicken soup for lunch which was just heaven. She has left me a good supply of that and dad's yummy chicken and corn soup and they are just perfect for how I am feeling - the medicinal properties of home made chicken soup never ceases to amaze me! Then Cam and Arielle came in and had a visit which was just lovely. I don't often get to spend time with just Arielle and it was some really special time and I got lots of lovely cuddles and chats. Arielle then had a little nap and Cam and I got to just sit and be - it was so nice. Once we were well rested, Sue brought Tiernan in and he had a lovely visit. He was such a well behaved little man - I cannot believe how much he has grown up - he has coped with so much in his little life - I am really proud of him.
So now it is time for me to rest again - it looks like I have gone to granny hours - it is 6.15pm and I am thinking about bed! My stem cells will go in tomorrow. They said I will still be going downhill for a few more days but at least the process will be underway. I hope everyone has a lovely night.

Sunday, 29 April 2007

Feeling tired

Well the chemo has certainly kicked in on my body - I have never in all my life felt so fatigued. I am usually the bound out of bed kind of person but at the moment I am spending most of my time lying down in bed often too tired to even read or watch tv. This is a good thing though as it must mean the chemo is working. My counts are slowly on their way down at the moment but I am not in danger zone yet. I am being very diligent with mouth washes and hygiene and hopefully I will be able to stay reasonably well.
Yesterday I had the most lovely brunch with my mum's group. Sarah picked me up and we went to Tenerriffe where we met the other girls and the six of us got to have some long overdue chats. It was definitely food for the soul and we are hoping it will be a monthly event. I was quite tired afterwards and spent the rest of the day in bed. Sue and Tiffany brought Tiernan and Arielle in (Cam is up at rescue helicopter) and I had a lovely visit with them. The kids always cheer me up. After that Jess and Tim came for a visit and brought in a lovely polar fleece blanket which is currently wrapped around me (as I am tired and losing weight I am feeling so cold). They also brought me in some Froot Loops - I am having difficulty facing breakfast and thought some Froot Loops might do the trick.
Today I rested in bed until lunchtime and mum and dad were going to bring in take away Chinese. I decided it would do me good to get out so we went to the Chinese restaurant instead. It was really yummy and I ate a lot and even brought some chicken and corn soup and wonton soup back with me to have for dinner tonight. Mum and dad left a little while ago and I am about to go back to bed now and maybe watch a DVD.