Saturday, 21 July 2007

It's been awhile

Well it has been awhile since I updated my blogg - no real excuse other than laziness! I managed to get out of hospital on the Saturday and went up to mum and dad's for the weekend as Cam was at rescue helicopter. I spent the majority of the week in bed, either asleep or resting. For the first time in my life I actually woke up in the afternoon. Prior to this a sleep in for me would be 8am, so to sleep into the afternoon was a total shock for me! All of my muscles still ache and I get puffed doing even the smallest thing. Last week I can say I had no improvement at all - if anything I felt I was going backwards as I was getting quite down about being so sick. I knew I was going to be tired after the double stem cell transplant but definitely did not expect to feel so sick for so long. I told Kerry so when I saw him this week and he agreed I looked rotten but said it was to be expected. My tummy troubles continue to plague me and that is probably adding to the exhaustion. This week I think I have made tiny, baby steps and do feel better than I did last week. My mood has lifted too and at least this week I don't regret having the second stem cell transplant (last week I totally regretted having it as I was unprepared for how sick I would feel so long after the transplant).

On Thursday this week I had to have a heart monitor put on me for 24 hours to allow the cardiologist to look at how my heart is working and make sure everything is going ok with the heart medication I am on (he changed it last week). During the 24 hrs I had to record if I undertook any activity that could impact my heart, such as exercise or pain. They then compare the notes to the heart recording to see if any abnormalities match up to anything specific. Obviously I told Cam to stay well clear of me on Thursday night as I did not want to have to explain any night time activities!!

Next week is my tell all week. On Thursday I am going to be having a CT scan. I am still having night sweats so the CT scan which is usually just my chest, has been extended to my pelvis and abdomen to make sure there are no problems there. I will see Kerry on Thursday afternoon for the results and based on those he will decide if I have to have a PET scan (determines if there is any active cancer). On Friday I am seeing the Radiation Oncologist and he will work out with me when the radiation is supposed to start (Kerry said probably in about a month as I need to get some more energy in reserve for them to zap).

Hopefully next week I will continue to improve, even if it is in baby steps. I am loving being at home and enjoying everybody's company and enjoying eating home cooked meals. I even did a grocery shop last week for the first time in months and it is sad to say but I actually enjoyed it. It was nice to feel slightly normal again (I was exhausted when we got home). Well I had best be going - I will write again once I have the results on Thursday.