Thursday, 28 June 2007

Yeah - No More Chemo!!!!!

Yes the heading is right - as long as there is no new growth anywhere, I am finished with chemo. I have to have radiation but that is supposed to be a walk in the park compared to a double stem cell transplant! The timing is good as I am totally sick of it all. I feel like I can barely remember what it is like to feel well. The past few days I have felt miserable and sorry for myself, wishing there was some way to take a break from chemo side effects! But unfortuntely once the poison is in my veins there is no cure but time. I am improving, although I am still plagued by tummy troubles and my cold so Kerry has changed my release date to next week - hopefully early in the week.

On Tuesday I had a lovely day. Cam, Tiernan, Arielle, mum and Nat all came in to visit and it was just wonderful. It really lifted my spirits. Yesterday I had a lovely visit with Cam and Tiernan. Tiernan and I had a lovely cuddle in bed for ages. We were looking at photos on a digital photo frame that Nat bought me. Tiernan would name the people he saw in the photos. There was a photo of him as a baby and I was holding him. He said to me "Oh baby Tiernan and who is that?". It took me a minute to realise that I had long hair in the photo and Tiernan had just turned 2 the last time I had hair so it was probably reasonable that he did not know who it was! He talked to me a lot about when I was coming home and when I would be better. Those conversations always break my heart - it is so much for a 3 year old to understand.

This morning I woke up to Cam rubbing my hand! It was a lovely surprise. I had woken up earlier and had breakfast and then felt miserable so climbed under the covers and went back to sleep. I did not know that Cam was coming in so it was a lovely way to wake up from my snooze!

The weather in Brisbane is freezing at the moment and I don't think the hospital a/c has got it right because I am freezing in my room. Part of the problem is my lack of hair as my head is freezing more than anything else on my body. The ward has lovely warm blankets and I am constantly wrapping them around me!

Monday, 25 June 2007

Continuing to do well

I had a CT scan this morning (I had some numbness in my left hand) and the results are in and all is very good. I don't know the exact size of what is left however Kerry said he was very pleased with the results and that the chemo has definitely worked. I will still have another CT in 2 weeks as the chemo will still be working away at the tumours.
My counts today were still good - my platelets were low but they are always the last to recover. If things continue to go this well Kerry said I could be out in a few days which is fantastic.

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Bye bye eyelashes

This morning I had an eyelash in my eye. I looked in the mirror to take it out and was mortified to see that I had actually lost nearly all of my eyelashes. I am not even sure when it happened - they have all just gone!! My eyebrows have been diminishing slowly as well and there is not much of them left anymore either! Oh don't you just love chemo.
I am on day 12 post transplant and can report that my white cells and neutrophils have recovered and are now within normal range. My platelets are still pathetic (12 when normal is 150 - 400) so I am continuing to have platelet transfusions. I am still swollen like a balloon and my weight was 56.5kg yesterday. They gave me a big dose of Lasix and today I am 55kg. The fluid retention is revolting as my skin is so stretched that any movements hurt. Hopefully soon my heart will start working properly and get rid of the excess fluid. The diarhorea is still persisting unfortunately so I am quite sore. I have been resting a lot as I am just perpetually tired. I will be having another CT in about 2 weeks and that will tell us the status of the tumours and then Kerry will decide what to do next.
I finally decided on a name for the charity - it is "Mummy's Wish". I am currently in the process of registering the charity and doing all of the paperwork to set it up. We have sold quite a few entertainment books to get it going which has been exciting. The next project is procuring items for the charity auction that we will hold later in the year. This is something I feel really passionate about and it is such a nice feeling to know that I am going to make a difference.