Friday, 6 July 2007

Still in hospital

Unfortunately I am still in hospital and very unimpressed with the idea of still being here. Kerry saw me this morning and wanted me to stay in until Monday so that they can keep a close eye on me. I eventually managed to convince him to let me go home tomorrow if I promise to keep an eye on my temperature and come in if I have any troubles and see both Kerry and the cardiologist on Tuesday.

The cardiologist saw me this morning and he said that the fluid on my heart and lungs would not go away by itself so I had to start on two lots of heart medication today. One is lasix which I am used to having through IV but now I will have Lasix tablets to take at home. I cannot remember the name of the other one. I also have to see the cardiologist regularly until the fluid all goes away.

Unfortunately I landed a two share room instead of a single room this time. The lady I am sharing with is in her mid sixties and drives me insane. She talks so loud when she is on the phone that I had trouble hearing the cardiologist talking to me this morning! The other thing is she constantly wants to talk. I had turned all of my lights out and was tucked up in bed last night and she kept chatting away. Then this morning as soon as she heard me roll over and stretch the talking started again. Even my one word answers, grumbled out of my mouth did not give her the picture that perhaps I was trying to sleep!!

Hopefully tomorrow they will let me go home and I don't plan on coming back!

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Thinkg of you :)