Friday, 20 April 2007

Results are in

Quick update as I am about to go home for a visit - I have received the results and the tumour is definitely Hodgkins. Kerry has decided to give me some high dose chemo starting next Wednesday and involving three drugs called Thiotepa, Carboplatin and Mitoxantrone. The chemo will go for three days and will make me feel quite nauseous. Then the following Wednesday they will then give me the stem cells back. That week I will also have a CT scan to check on the progress. Once I recover from all of that (between 3 and 6 weeks) I will then get a month at home and then have another high dose chemo regime followed by another stem cell transplant (my own stem cells again). Then I will have some radiation. If that all does not kill the cancer altogether then they still have a few other drug options that they can try on me to either kill the cancer or at least keep it under control to give me some more time. So fingers crossed this all works!!

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Power To you;;