Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Day 1 of TMC


Well this will be an extra quick blogg as I am so very tired today. I have been out and about the past few days and then the chemo started this morning. Today involved three drugs one of which made my urine bright blue. The second one was pretty uneventful but the third one gave me dreadful headspins and dizziness so I have been on a tonne of anti-emedics today to combat and prevent side effects. I have felt a little nauseous but have not had any diahoarea or vomiting which is good. Jane spent the day with me today and that helped the day go much faster and it was lovely to have time to have some girly chats. I will write more tomorrow when I am more awake.

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Sharon said...

Hi Bernadette, glad you weren't feeling nauseous, hope today goes well for you. We're thinking of you. Take care, lots of love Sharon and Phil