Monday, 12 March 2007

What a wonderful weekend

I feel totally refreshed after the weekend. On Saturday I had quite a few visitors (Tim, Jess, Sharon, Cam and Bob) and although I had a few tummy troubles all in all I did not feel too bad. The GCSF injections started on Saturday morning and they do not seem to be effecting me so bad this time. Quite surprising seeing as I am on triple the daily dose that I was last time. I suppose it goes to show that each chemo regime is so totally different on the way your body copes with it! On Saturday night I had the worst sleep possible due to being woken every 2 hours by a nurse on happy drugs. She would turn the lights on each time she came in and by 7am I was ready to kill someone! I was moping in my misery and then at 7.30am my door opened and Cam suprised me with a visit. I was so happy to see him. My levels had continued to improve so they decided to let me have a leave pass for the day (my spirits definitely needed it by then). So I spent the day at home and it was just lovely. Cam was with me for the morning (it was so nice for the two of us to actually have some time together in our new house) and then he had to head up to the rescue helicopter. Then mum, dad, Nat and Arielle and Tiernan came over and Jess, Tim and Ben all visited. We had the most lovely afternoon and we even got to spend some time in the pool. It was the first time Arielle did not complain about going in (probably due to the fact that it was 38 degrees outside). I had such a lovely afternoon. Cam's parents popped in for a visit and Cam came home and then Kylie picked me up to take me back to the hospital. We got some takeaway on the way in and met Amanda and Jane at the hospital. The four of us are meeting up for Sunday night poker games at the hospital however we chatted and laughed until we realised the time was 10.30pm and we had not even got the poker game out yet! We had a lovely night and I look forward to next Sunday night.
I had the most wonderful sleep in this morning until 9am - can you believe that! Today's results were all good and still on the improve. One of my liver function tests is back to normal and the other one continues to improve. I am still on antibiotics but hopefully they will be able to stop soon (they are causing dreadful tummy troubles so I am keen to get off them). I cannot believe how good I feel considering I am on the GCSF injections and I had a week of chemo last week. All the fluids have caused my weight to go up to 48kg (I tried convincing the doctor it was because I was eating so much but they refused to believe me and said it was just fluid retention). With the increased weight and a little colour change from the liver troubles I actually look reasonably healthy! I have been warned that the week probably wont end as well as it started as this chemo is very harsh on counts and that by the end of the week I probably wont be in a good state but I dont really care about that right now - I am feeling good for the moment and I am enjoying it. As I am feeling well and my counts are good I am allowed out on day passes which is nice. I am being a good girl though and am going to take it easy and not do too much!

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Sharon said...

I'm glad you had a great weekend and you were allowed out!! What beautiful photos they are and fantastic that you had some family time around the pool! It was definitely hot enough. Keep on being good, that's what we want to hear and we'll catch up real soon.