Friday, 9 March 2007

Day 5 - better results

Well finally some good news to report - my liver toxicity levels are half of what they were yesterday so the good news is that chemo is going ahead as planned today. They do not know what has caused the problem but at least I am on the mend now (the levels are still 10 times what they should be but at least they are on the way down). I had an ultrasound yesterday and I have swelling on my gall bladder as well. They could not find any gallstones so again they are not sure of the cause of it but apparently that explains the pain I am having. They have started me on antibiotics to see if that clears it all up.

Today is my last day of chemo for this round - yeah. Tomorrow I start the GCSF injections to return my immune system to normal and to coax the stem cells out of the bone marrow and into the peripheral blood (isn't it amazing what modern medicine can achieve).

Cam and the kids visited last night and that was great. It was lovely to have some great cuddles with them and Tiernan accompanied me down to the ultrasound and sat in the room whilst I had it. He told the sonographer that mummy was having special medicine to get rid of the bugs inside her so that she could come home and spend lots of time with him! It made my heart melt!

Not much else to report so I will sign off for now.


Jess Wrigley said...

Great to hear your liver function is improving =) -must be a relief not to have to worry so much about that anymore. Love the photos on your previous post btw!
Hope all goes well with the next step of treatment.
Thinking of you

nina said...

I love the new blog site, love the cheery color and the pictures of your children are divine! I am glad for so many visitors in the hospital, I cannot even imagine. Will be thinking of you. nina