Saturday, 25 August 2007

Arielle's Birthday


Our darling little Arielle turned 1 on Wednesday. I think she knew it was her special day as she was in a super smiley mood all day. She got some lovely presents for her birthday and she loved trying to eat her birthday cards (I did type that correctly – for some reason she likes trying to eat cards). She also ate a little bit of her birthday cake. Tiernan was a fantastic big brother and helped her open presents and blow out her candle. He was not at all jealous and was even more excited than Arielle was. We got her a Fisher Price dolls house and her and Tiernan just love playing with it together. Last Sunday a tooth appeared so she was not a gummy bear for her first birthday!


Anonymous said...

Hey Berns
You have the best looking kids (there clothes are esp cute).. Oh I miss them (and you) so much.. Everytime my mobile phone rings I think of arielle as I have her crying as my ring tone..

You are looking really good.. Good luck with the radiation..

Love Nat, Chris, Pigsy and Princess

Sharon said...

That's fab that Arielle had a great birthday, how cute they are. It's been ages since we saw Arielle, she's grown so much. Glad it was a fantastic day. Take care and we'll catch up soon. Thinking of you heaps... Love Sharon, Phil & Lachlan

Aunty Pauline said...

Happy 1st Birthday to your darling and very special Arielle. Photos are great!!! Good luck with the radiation.

Dianna said...

Hi Bernie
It is so great to see photos of Arielle on her first birthday, she looks so beautiful (just like her mum).
I am so happy that my little Aiden shares the same birthday as your beautiful little Arielle. Hopefully you will get to meet him soon.
Love Di