Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Yippee Counts are recovering

Yippee my counts are recovering - I am Day 8 today and my white cell count is 0.6 and my neutrophils are 0.26!!! Yeah, yeah, yeah!! I am feeling heaps better this morning as well. Life is just going to get better from here on. All of the prayers are certainly working.


Ric said...

Bernadette - good news ... Made my morning look a little less grim!

Anonymous said...

YAY!! Good on you Bernadette, thats fantastic news. Now go get fattened up and eat more chocolate:)

love emily

Anonymous said...

Deearest Bernadette,

This is such fabulous news for us to wake to this morning.

Yes the prayers are certainly working for you, along with the positive thoughts love and energy that eminates from people around the globe that your read story each day.

Take care and keep that wonderful spirit of yours flowing

Love Aunty Bernadette xxx

Anonymous said...


glad to hear this...keep strong like are such a great person who teaches us lot.

We 're praying for you from across the miles (gozo). Happen to be your 2nd cousin. Met your mum 2years ago awhile she was here on holiday.

God bless and take care


Anonymous said...

My reaction seems like a lot of others. You have just put a smile on my face.

Helen Richardson ( Gayle's Mum)

Anonymous said...

Hi Bernadette,
this is such great news. It has brought tears of joy to my eyes. Keep on keeping on, I know that you will get there you have all our prayers behind you. Can't wait to tell Alice and Nunna the good news. Lots of love uncle Johnny

Anonymous said...

Hi bernadette
I glad your recovery is getting better each day.
I would like to know more information about your charity, as i think my school can help.
Details such as; -when you expect this to be up and running.
-specifically what you aim to do
-and how you are going to carry through with this charity, meaning is this a Brisbane based organisation? Will it appear in Syd?
You see, our school is looking for a charity to fund, and im hoping that with sufficent reason I could convince the rest of the executive to help with your budding charity, and with a school of 2000, im sure we could make a splash!
Your in our prayers always
Pamela-your cuz

Lynn Davies said...

Wonderful news Bernadette, the prayers will continue.