Thursday, 14 June 2007

Just poldding along

I forgot to mention on Tuesday's blogg about the huge number of stem cells that were collected in my second collection. You may remember that on the first collection they collected 17 million stem cells which considering they only needed around 4.5 million was pretty good. I asked on Tuesday how many stem cells had been collected on the second day and the answer was a staggering 50 million (yes I did confirm that it was 50 and not 15). So all up my stem cell collection was pretty amazing. As I did not need all of those stem cells for my two transplants, I still have some left in reserve in case I need them.
Yesterday I felt pretty sick for most of the day. I spoke too soon about not having any side effects of the Malphalan. Diahhorea kicked in with a vengence and I felt revolting. Then my blood pressure started dropping and I got a small temperature. Bloods were taken to see if I have any infections and I was started on some antibiotics just in case. As I was having a lot of chest pain they did a CT. Unfortunately the results showed something in the area where my original tumour was and it was larger than what was there last week. As it is between my lung and aorta they do not know if the tumour has started to grow again or I have an infection in my lung and it is causing the tissue to swell. To try to get a better idea I had a bronoscopy this morning (small operation where they put a fibre optic tube into your lungs). The doctor could not see any obvious problem with my lung but he took some samples that will be sent off to pathology an if there is an infection then that will tell us. If it is not an infection then unfortunately it looks like the tumour might be growing again. I will be having a PET scan next week to help them work it out. So we are playing a waiting game now. Other than providing piece of mind, a definitive answer probably would not change much as I am already on the appropriate anti biotics if it is an infection and if it is the tumour then there is nothing else that can be done until my counts all recover and I am better.


Kath Jackson said...

Hi there Bernadette, I am friends with you Aunt Bernadette and Isaac is in year one with my litte boy,Tate. I have been following your blog and am inspired by your resilience and bravery during your journey. You are often in the thoughts and hearts of lots of mums in the St Clement Danes playground and we often ask Bernadette how you are doing. Yesterday Isaac and Adam were here in the paddling pool as it was my little boys 3rd birthday having lovely splashy fun in the sun. I hope that you come to London one day soon as I would really love to meet you and your gorgeous family. I pray to Catherine McAuley for you and send you love from London, Kath Jackson x

Ric Hayman said...

Bernadette - long time no speak. I heard today from Mia about your illness, and it was bit of an unpleasant surprise. I haven't read all your posts yet, but I can tell that whatever else has happened to your body - some things never change! Obstinate, feisty, strong-willed ... these things I remember. I also remember a great smile and sunny disposition - they seem to have survived too, despite the odds. I'll listen to this story for as long as you care to tell it, and for what it's worth, this atheist will pray to every god he knows on your behalf!
All the best to you and the family.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bernadette,

You probably do not remember me but I remember you. We did our 1998 JDE expedition training together in Melbourne. (a long time ago now!)

Anyway, I am very good friends with Brian Schabe and worked in Brisbane for a short time. Brian let me know of your plight a little while ago and while I have been very vigilant checking your blog and progress, I have not made comment as I thought you may think "who is this"!

I just wanted you to know that I think of you often and also speak with Brian often about you. Your courage and strong will is absolutely amazing and I am sure that it will assist you in beating this. Although I cannot say that I have had to go through what you are going through now I have had times in and out of hospitals and I really am in awe of you and your positive spirit.

I do not know how you feel about speaking with someone whom you may not recall and also I understand that you probably do not feel up to it either! However, if you ever feel down and lonely and would like to chat over email about stuff please feel free to do so to me – I know that it is sometimes nice to do that. My hotmail address is

Take care in the meantime and be assured that there are lots of people out there (including me) following your progress and praying for your return to good health!