Thursday, 24 May 2007

Quick Post I am exhausted

This is going to be a super quick blogg entry as I am very tired. Today I had a lovely day at home with Cam just relaxing and enjoying our house finally. We picked up the two little munchkins from daycare and had some lovely playtime, then a yummy dinner (spaghetti my fave) before they brought me back to the hospital. They stayed for a little visit and then went home.

I cannot believe how tired I can be from just being out of bed! I also had my flu shot tonight. It did not hurt one bit - to the point I had to ask if the needle had gone in yet (it had)!! Someone on the ward has the flu and Kerry has ordered that everyone on the ward have the flu shot to make sure they don't get a flu breakout (apparently that happened years ago).

I had a little investigative operation yesterday on my bottom (I have lost all dignity now) and the results were all good. I do not have a fissure but instead have a very irritated skin tag which usually he would have removed however given my counts will be dropping with the next chemo he said I would be better to get it removed once this is all over.

I will be allowed to go home tomorrrow (yippee) and I will have 10 days at home. During this time I am to rest, rest, rest. I then go back to hospital on Tuesday June 5 and start chemo on Wednesday June 6. The BEAM will go for 6 days and then on Tuesday June 12 my stem cells will be put back in. I am likely to have no white cell (and therefore immune system) for about 8 days if my last experience was anything to go by. So my danger period for infection will be from Tuesday June 12 to Tuesday June 19. Once I make it through that it should be a smooth ride.

I still have not updated the blogg for everything that happened during this treatment cycle but I promise I will get to it.



Anonymous said...

Hi Bernadette,

Wonderful news that you are going home to your family for a little while. Hope you rest well and that your energy picks up - so you can play lots of fun games with your two gorgeous children!

Love and prayers,always,
Aunty Mary-Ann Cassar xx

Aunty Pauline said...

Hi Bernadette

Great news that you are able to go home, enjoy your special time with your family and take it easy with plenty of rest just as your Dr prescribed. Keep up the good work, you are doing very well. Always in our thoughts and prayers

Lots of love aunty Pauline & Family.